Floor Boards

Solid wood is the most popular floor finishing that has been in demand for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It will suit anyone who seeks for natural appearance, beauty, durability and environmental friendliness.


  • Natural material heat insulation and aesthetic properties
  • Fungi and insect resistance
  • Increased strength and high rot resistance
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Slip resistance
  • Absence of corrosion, chips, layering cracks and splinters
  • Even colouration
  • No colour loss to require painting and toning
  • Durability and extreme simplicity in upkeep


  • Material - pine, larch, oak, ash and exotics
  • Connection – tongue & groove (for larch, pine and exotics) or 4-side tongue & groove (for larch, oak and ash)
  • Thickness – from 18 mm for exotic species up to 42 mm for floors made of softwood
  • Width – 85 - 150 mm
  • Length - 0,9 - 6 m
  • Humidity – up to 12 %.

An important indicator of floor quality is hardness which is decisive in terms of floor durability and wear resistance. This indicator is commonly determined using Brinell hardness test.

Depending on its hardness, the floor board produced of various timber species fits excellently construction and finishing designs. Hence, the pinewood can be used for household, industrial and other commercial premises, where price is the crucial factor. In this case, relatively small hardness of the pine can be compensated with large thickness of the board. Terrace board is better to use outdoors. The oak and ash should be used where priority is given to durability and beauty; however, price is going to be burdensome.

Variety of Applications


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Mounting Solid Floor Boards

Today, there is a large variety of methods to mount solid floor boards onto hard basement. Among them are: installation on battens, veneer/plywood rough floor, concrete leveled-off ground and floating floor. In most cases, you will need special self-tapping screws for securing solid floor boards. For solid board mounting details see the Section “What I Need to Know”.


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