Block House

Block-house board (log imitation) is a modern version of the facing board that recently has become very popular. Block-house, as well as wall panels and beam imitation are used for wall cladding, however, a wall finished with block house looks like a wall made of round logs. The block house undergoes thorough drying, polishing and processing.

As opposed to logs, block-house boards practically do not crack, nor do they change their geometry.


Block house can be designed as a wide board to use for exterior house and cottage cladding or narrow board - for interior finishing of country houses, cafes and restaurants. Narrow block house, also referred to as decorative wall panels, is essential for creating country style interiors.


Block house is thicker than other cladding boards due to its cylindered profile. Regarding its other characteristics, they are similar to the ones of log imitation and wall panels:

  • Material - pine, spruce
  • Connection – tongue & groove
  • Thickness – 22 - 42 mm
  • Width – 90 - 195 mm
  • Length – 2 - 6 m
  • Humidity - 12 ± 2 %.

Block-house undergoes thorough drying in drying chambers and further processing using state-of-the-art equipment of German design. This allows obtaining boards of ideal geometry and preventing their deformation over time.

Variety of Applications


Block house is mounted horizontally with its tongue upward (to avoid accumulation of moisture inside grooves). Vertical mounting is used but very rarely. When mounting narrow block house you can use cramps or mount it similar to beam imitation – by securing staples and self-tapping screws into grooves. Wide block-house, being rather solid and heavy, is supposed to be mounted using galvanized self-tapping screws tightly secured into the facing part.

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