UKRNETWOOD Ltd is a stable company that has been specializing in woodworking for over 5 years. The main activity of our company is production of sawn lumber and moulded strips. Despite the widespread use of plastics and other artificial and synthetic materials, there is a sustainable demand for organic materials. And this is not surprising, since benefits from using wood are obvious: environmental friendliness, strength, durability, usability, lightness, beautiful texture and colour.
Our mission as a company is to supply sawn lumber and finished wood products which comply with European standards to both domestic and international markets.
All products are manufactured using high-tech equipment operated by skilled personnel with relevant qualifications. Due to this, as well as to a closed production cycle (from raw materials stockpiling and processing, and finished products sorting to their delivery to and storage in warehouses) our customers can always operate with real and reasonable prices for proposed products and services.
The range of suggested for purchase sawn lumber can satisfy needs of multiple construction designs of any type and any scope. We deal with various timber species: pine, spruce, ash, alder and birch, including the following:

  • Natural moisture sawn lumber - planks, beams and bars
  • Dried lumber – edge-surfaced boards
  • Block-house
  • Imitation beams
  • Floor boards
  • Decking (terrace boards)
  • Laminated plywood lumber.

See the directory for the profiles used most commonly.
More details you can find in the Section Products.
We are a fast growing company. We can not afford to rest on the laurels, but are interested in further expansion to worldwide product markets. Thus, the company’s production capacity is undergoing sustainable enhancement and expansion.
Should you have any questions, please contact our experts to help you make a perfect choice!


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