As a favorable place to enjoy rest and relaxation, the terrace has eventually become a perfect solution for house extensions. Due to its properties, the wood offers freedom in creativity when implementing challenging ideas. The floor made of terrace boards looks more inviting and helps your feet feel warm and more comfortable if compared, for instance, with ceramic tile floors.

Decking is recognized as an option with best wood qualities. Being environmentally friendly and highly reliable, it will definitely serve you for long years.

Featuresand Benefits

  • Natural material heat insulation and aesthetic properties
  • Fungi and insect resistance
  • Increased strength and high rot resistance
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Slip resistance
  • Absence of corrosion, chips, layering, cracks and splinters
  • Even colouration
  • No colour loss to require painting and toning
  • Durability and extreme simplicity in upkeep
  • Wood-plastic composite, or terrace board maintains its service properties undeteriorated within temperature ranges from -25 to +30 C

Variety of Applications


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Decking (terrace board) is typically used as interior and exterior finishing for rooms of a building, as well as flooring in open areas and swimming pools, on house terraces and courtyards. Constructions with terrace board finishing will retain their original appearance for a lot of years. The material does not need painting, nor does it deform under critical weather conditions (sleet, heavy frosts or sudden temperature changes). Moreover, decking is easy to be cut, sawn and drilled.

Decking is especially suitable for floor finishing and garden paths, since the board has a relief-like textured surface. The floor made of decking looks absolutely luxurious, gives the feeling of coziness and comfort, needless to say it is easy to be cared of.

Terrace board mounting is very simple. However, should you have problems with installation our experts are available for straightforward support and services.
As soon as you make the decision to purchase and use decking, you become an owner of an up-to-date, stylish and, which is the most essential, environmentally friendly design.


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We work all over Europe and the world